1. The offer addressed to the Buyer is prepared on the basis of, and with the following provisions hereof.
  2. Unless otherwise stipulated by the Seller, the price offer is, as a rule, valid for a period of 30 days from the date of its effective submission to the Buyer by the Seller.
  3. The price offer offered by the Seller does not include transport costs (EX Works Przylep - Zielona Góra rule) nor any certificates, attestations, tests and packing of the goods possibly required by the Buyer, which are subject to surcharge.
  4. The procedure for concluding the contract consists in the submission by the Buyer of a written Order and then its confirmation by the Seller in the form of a written Order confirmation.
  5. The Buyer shall place the Order through:

a) electronic correspondence,

b) fax,

c) directly into the hands of the Seller's representatives.

  1. Placing an Order means that the Buyer has acknowledged and accepted the terms and conditions of the GTS.
  2. The order placed by the Buyer consists of the following elements:

a) symbol of the ordered product,

b) color,

c) quantity,

d) method of collecting the goods (in the Seller's seat or through a transport company)

e) full details of the Buyer (registered office address, delivery address, full name of the company in accordance with the entry in the National Court Register or the Central Register and Information on Business Activity, details for communication, including fax, e-mail).

f) copy of a current excerpt from the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register or from the Central Register and Information on Business Activity.

  1. In the event of a change in the Buyer's details, i.e. company name, address, details of partners and persons representing the company and authorized to make statements on behalf of the company, the Buyer undertakes to immediately, no later than within 5 days from the occurrence of the change, notify the Seller of this fact in the manner provided for the placement of orders.
  2. The obligation resulting from the content of point V.8.f of the GTS does not apply to orders placed by Buyers who remain with the Seller in regular business relations.
  3. The order placed by the Buyer is not binding for the Seller, and in the absence of Seller's response to the submitted Order, the possibility of tacit acceptance of the order is excluded.
  4. The Seller's statement containing the Order Acceptance shall be sent to the Buyer in the form provided for in point V.5 letters a-c of the GTS, within 3 working days from the date of receipt of a correctly placed Order and payment of an advance by the Buyer.
  5. Proper submission of the Order shall be understood as an Order complete with all information and documents, in particular those referred to in point V.13, which the Seller shall request in the course of concluding the contract.
  6. The written Order Confirmation consists of the following elements:

a) name, product symbol and additional technical parameters;

b) color;

c) quantity;

d) net unit price;

e) payment date and method;

f) date and place of goods receipt;

g) method of goods receipt;

h) method of packing;

i) number of pallets and their dimensions;

j) cost of additional preparation of products for shipment and price of packaging;

k) cost of transport in case of ordering the delivery of goods by the Buyer;

l) order completion date, indicating the week number in a calendar year.

  1. The Seller shall consider the confirmation of the Order Acceptance, including orders containing details different from those contained in the earlier Order of the Buyer, to be binding on the Buyer and accepted by him if, within 3 working days from their sending, the Buyer does not raise any objections as to its content.
  2. The order delivery time results from the content of the Confirmation of Order Acceptance.
  3. In the case of a delay in order execution independent of the Seller, the order delivery time shall be extended by the time of removing the obstacle preventing the Seller from timely completion of the order. In case of a delay in order execution, the Seller shall immediately notify the Buyer about the reason for the delay and the new order delivery time.
  4. The Seller reserves the right to cancel the order at any time without giving any reason. The Buyer is not entitled to any claims for damages.
  5. Orders are processed in quantities which are a multiple of packaging.
  6. The Seller reserves the right to refuse to accept the Order without giving any reason; in such case, any claims of the Buyer on this account are excluded.